Program summary

The Motivated Empowerment Program is a training program designed specifically for individuals interested in developing their personal potential and making a positive difference in society. The program uses creative and innovative teaching methods to help participants gain skills that can be applied for success on a personal, professional and community level.

Course methodology provides an environment that encourages the use of creative and critical thinking skills. Attendees experience working in teamwork, explore the dynamics of effective leadership, communication and problem solving, and participate in brainstorming sessions, teambuilding exercises and project planning meetings. Course assignments challenge participants to apply new concepts and assess personal goals.

The MOVE program also focuses on cultivating volunteerism; motivating classes and practical training equip attendees with the skills necessary for effective volunteering and support of social initiatives.


University students and working professionals

Suggested program duration

Five three-hour sessions (15 hours total) Optional community project

Program methodology

  • Multimedia based instruction and illustration of course concepts
  • Role-play
  • Group discussion
  • Daily take home assignments
  • Project planning workshop
  • Goal-setting assignments
  • Interpersonal and communication skill building exercises
  • Teambuilding activities and games
  • Public speaking and presentation

Topical outline

  • You can make a difference
  • Concern and respect
  • Interpersonal and teambuilding skills
  • Leadership qualities
  • Setting goals
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Community project planning and implementation

Program Components

  • Facilitator handbook
  • Program PowerPoints and multimedia
  • Attendee handouts
  • Teaching aids
  • Program overview
  • Program administration forms
    • Attendance record form
    • Volunteer participation record form
    • Pre-program task list
    • Program materials inventory
    • Attendee program evaluation form
    • Attendee information form
    • Attendee certificate of completion
    • Volunteer certificate of participation

The course conducted by Action Care was resourceful, structured, and well presented. An amazing amount of material was covered in a clear, concise and interesting way. I have organized many workshops at the Family Consulting Center, but I have never seen a response from participants like this.

Main organizer, Family Consulting Center, Qatar